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HAP Wise Women MoveWell Every Day Event 9/25/10 Featured

MIHP's MoveWell teamed up with HAP to present the Wise Woman Event at the Sterling Inn. Over 150 women received 5-minute screenings and instruction in the Daily Dozen workout program. 14 certified Movement Training Specialists were on hand to deliver the services. Great job, MoveWell Team. Thanks, HAP!!

Thank you so very much!  This was a Wonderful presentation!  Sherry was an inspiring presenter who gave me HOPE and practical help for helping me to know what I CAN personally do to  lessen pain when exercising and also how increasing certain muscles (GLUTES)

Sherry was awesome!!!! I loved the way we separated into smaller groups and received a more personal approach to learning to live pain free
The drive was a hike so I almost canceled.  I am so glad I didn't.  That was fantastic!! thank you Hap and Sherry!!

The MoveWell event was excellent!  After attending the workshop the next day I was totally PAIN FREEI hadn't felt that good since I was in my early thirties. Since the workshop my husband who has problems with leg weakness and balance has been regularly participating in the video by Sherry McLaughlin and has significantly improved his balance and gait. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

I think HAP is very smart to educate its members, which in turn can reduce costs for everyone, and make it fun to learn at the same time.

I loved this seminar and Sherry was very informative and willing to listen and help you!  I was so excited after I left to try the things she told us about.

It was a very interesting and enlightening event!!  I awakened muscles that had been dormant for a long time:)  Kudos to everyone involved!!

Everything was important and I really learned a lot from this seminar.  Please invite me to all you have to offer because my health is my life....thank you

The MoveWell Every Day event was everything I had hoped it would be.  I have been struggling to figure out an exercise plan that I can be comfortable doing with knees that complain too much when I exercise.  I am thrilled with The Daily Dozen.

Thank you for supporting our health! and giving us more information ~ to encourage us to live healthy.

Very worthwhile event--glad I attended!

This was my first HAP event and I was so pleasantly surprised. I am very thankful I selected HAP - I really like their preventative approach to health care.

Very well organized and she is very knowledgeable and made it interesting.

This was a very informative morning. I really enjoyed myself. The people working were very friendly and were very helpful.

I so happy I went to this event.  I have been doing some of the exercises and I feel a little better.  So if I keep doing them I'm going to feel really good. Thanks!

The information that Sherry McLaughlin shared was new to me. I had never heard anyone explain the proper motion a body should make. Thanks for having her as a guest speaker.

Thank you so much for the Move Well Seminar.  It was fantastic.  Pain keeps me from exercising consistently and I'm so excited about the possibility of being pain free and able to do the exercise that I want to do!  Please make Sherry's company a HAP benefit.

I was very impressed with the information provided in the event.  It was extremely informative and inspiring.  None of the suggested movements were unreasonable or over the top"  They are helpful for anyone at any age.

Since I had to make a change in my insurance , I switched to HAP. I have never been more satisfied. You are all wonderful in encouraging members in becoming more aware of our own health needs. I love HAP and the services and programs offered. Thanks for everything.

Thank you for keeping me up-date on ways I can improve my health.

Sherry and her team were great. They helped me understand some practical ways I can improve my health through movement.

This was a very informative event.  I wish Sherry could have talked longer and shared more information.  She is very knowledgeable.

thank you for sponsoring event like this event and for giving out the DVD.  It is very helpful!!!

The event was a lot of fun and very informative...Sherry has a wonderful personality and very graciously answered questions ...the HAP volunteers were very pleasant and Sherry's staff was very helpful

The program was very informative it has me wanting to get ready to run a 5k or walk a 5k with the help of gap and loose 5 to 30 lbs.

the Women Wise program is wonderful.  I read the magazine that comes, keep it and re-read it often.  I plan on summarizing all that I learn from HAP's Women Wise into a daily journal to keep myself motivated.  Thanks again.

I really enjoyed the class by learning different techniques to combat pain.  In my opinion, the  illustrations were great.

I really enjoy all of the HAP Wise Woman programs that are offered and have learned some very valuable information.

HAP Wise Woman MoveWell Every Day Program is very help me to understanding to right way to move my body.  I Learned a lot from this event.

I was extremely impressed with Sherry and with this event over all.  Also, I have a little sciatica on my right side and it feels better than it has in 10 months, just from the exercises we did at the event.  I am sold!

This event was much better than I anticipated.

Keep up the good work and keep those events coming.

I have enjoyed every event that I have been able to attend.  Keep up the good work!

The event was very beneficial.  It was nice to also be able to move to the different stations to try the exercises.  I am glad that HAP offers programs to help/give ideas on how to be more healthy.

I found the movewell event to very helpful, informative, staff & everyone involved. I have already passed the word to coworkers to try and attend.

This was a wonderful event I really enjoyed this and found it very resourceful and educational.

this was my first time attending and I truly enjoyed it. I returned to work on Monday and shared my information with coworkers, we are committed to changing our lives.

I feel very blessed to have HAP as my health care provider.  I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar; yet, I thought it could have been more organized in order to help with the flow of the morning.  Sherry McLaughlin was excellent.  Hats off to HAP!!!!

The exercises that Ms. Mclaughlin suggested where very helpful to me. Along with physical therapy I have not had any pain since the day of the seminar.

I learned a lot and plan on sharing the Daily Dozen with my weight loss support group.

This was a great workshop.  It gave me important information that did not take up my entire Saturday.  Sherry was great.....  I have done the daily dozen for two days and have shared this information.

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