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Performance Programs

Get rid of pain! Improve your performance! Get the edge!

MIHP Performance Program options and pricing

Whatever your game... whatever your life... you strive to be the best.  Transform your life by signing up for our Performance Enhancement Programs and train at an MIHP Facility under the guidance of an MIHP Movement Training Specialist. Get answers to your pain questions and advice on advanced functional training programs that have proven to enhance performance in work, sports and life.

Program options include:

  • Biomechanical Assessment - A comprehensive look at your posture, balance, core strength, alignment, flexibility and gait. Find out the “why” to your pain or sluggish performance.
  • 1-month or 3-month training programs - Train for 2x per week at MIHP. Each session includes an alignment check and guidance in an exercise program based on your assessment and designed to improve your movement and function.
  • Personal Training - Consult with an MIHP Movement Training Specialist on a weekly or monthly basis to receive an alignment correction and an updated exercise program. One-on-one time for the most specialized approach.
  • Alignment corrections - Maximize your exercise program with proper alignment. An MIHP Movement Training Specialist will ensure that all key areas of rotation are moving symmetrically and freely with a quick alignment check.
Work Better. Play Better. Live Better.