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Custom In-Services

Tough Clinical Cases to solve? MIHP Can Help.

We offer Custom In-services for Real World Problems with our patients. These practical seminars offer participants innovative techniques and solutions for biomechanical problems from our MIHP Think Tank that you will not find in textbooks. Learn the method of the MIHP Think Tank and the power behind TriPLAYnar Technology. We offer Clinical On-Site Programs for Continuing Education.

Topics available:

  • Real World Solutions of the Shoulder
  • Real World Solutions of the TKA
  • Real World Solutions of the THA
  • Real World Solutions of Back Pain
  • Real World Solutions of the Spine
  • Functional Strength Training in the Real World
  • Real World Counterstrain Solutions
  • Real World Manual Therapy
  • Custom Topics Seminars too!


½ day (up to 4 hours)   $1,250.00
Full day ( 4 hours +)    $2,500.00

(Pricing does not include photocopying of Handouts.)

We come directly to your clinic.  Call us to set up the opportunity to learn about The Michigan Institute of Human Performance’s was of tackling Real World Problems with Real World Solutions!

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Course Director: Sherry McLaughlin, MSPT, OCS, CSCS

Sherry is President and Founder of The Michigan Institute of Human Performance and the TriPLAYnar Technology. With over 20 years experience as a Licensed Physical Therapist, Sherry is an instructor at Macomb Community College’s PTA Program for Kinesiology and Orthopedic Techniques and US Army-Baylor University Doctoral Program.  She is also an author of a series of inspirational books, National Speaker, and a consultant to the Automotive Companies, HAP Insurance’ and Corporations.

An alternate approach

Sherry is known as a leader in Real World Biomechanics and innovative techniques for Rehabbing the orthopedic condition, sports related injuries, and injury prevention.