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MIHP Seminars arrow Functional Strength Training

Functional Strength Training

Please check back for future MIHP seminar dates or call us at 248-269-0230 for custom in-services.

MIHP offer Custom In-services for Real World Problems with our patients. These practical seminars offer participants innovative techniques and solutions for biomechanical problems from our MIHP Think Tank that you will not find in textbooks. Learn the method of the MIHP Think Tank and the power behind TriPLAYnar Technology. We offer Clinical On-Site Programs for Continuing Education.

This one-day seminar was created for health professionals and educators that are involved in the conditioning, training, and rehabilitation of individuals of all ages and levels. Learn why:
•Conventional wisdom is not always wise.
•Many individuals are overworked – but under trained.
•Efficient training programs will yield effective movers.

Learn how to:
•Capitalize on abilities- eliminate weaknesses.
•Create effective training programs.

Lecture will include discussion on the study of human movement, circuit training vs. horizontal training methods, keys to lower body movement training, keys to core and upper body training. Lab is focused on core training principles, upper and lower body strengthening. Equipment utilized will include medicine balls, Swiss balls, dumbbells, tubing, bodyweight and yoga postures, etc.

Please note our cancellation policy: If you have purchased a seminar you must give a week notice for a full refund on the purchased seminar. If you are unable to give the stated notice and need to cancel anyway, you can apply the amount of the purchased seminar to a future seminar in the same season. Example: Spring to spring (we have spring schedule and a fall schedule)

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