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    Call us: 1-248-269-0230

    Sherry L. McLaughlin, MSPT, OCS, CSCS

    Sherry McLaughlin

    President and Founder, MIHP, Inc. and TriPLAYnar Technology
    Telephone 248-269-0230
    Fax 248-269-0231
    E-mail E-mail me
    Location Troy, Michigan
    Sherry's Blog

    1990 graduate of Andrew University in Berrien Springs, MI, Sherry has practiced in out-patient orthopedic rehabilitation clinics in Southeastern Michigan for over 20 years. She has also served as an adjunct faculty member for Macomb Community College since 1993, instructing courses in Orthopedic Treatment Techniques and Kinesiology for physical therapist assistants. She is an orthopedic certified specialist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. She was recently added to the staff of the Army Baylor Physical Therapy Program, consulting with Doctoral PT Residents and physical therapists serving at West Point Military Academy and Camp Lejeune.

    In 1998, she founded the Michigan Institute for Human Performance (MIHP), a consulting and training company specializing in injury prevention, sport-specific conditioning and orthopedic rehabilitation. In 2005, she developed TriPLAYnar Technology, the methodology of the MIHP Think Tank that is now the basis for the MoveWell Pain-Free Corporate Solution, MIHP’s corporate consulting division. She has served as a consultant to USA Michigan Volleyball and the Detroit Vipers Hockey Organization and is featured on the PBS Shows Zonya’s Health Bites and Get Up and Get Out. She also is a corporate partner with the Health Alliance Plan (HAP).

    Sherry is known by her students, peers and seminar participants as a thought leader in biomechanics through her insightful methods in orthopedic rehabilitation, injury prevention and sports-specific conditioning. She is prolific in her ideas of innovative techniques and has captured them in workbooks, video and articles that she produces to support her practice and teachings.

    Her passion for the field is evident in the energy and inspiration she brings with each presentation.

    Speaking/Training Options - Sherry L. McLaughlin, MSPT, OCS, CSCS:

    • Full day $2500 (4+ hours)
    • 1/2 day $1250 (up to 4 hours)

    Note: Travel expenses outside of Metro Detroit not included

    • Professional Series:

    • Corporate Series (Health/Wellness):

    • Inspirational Series:

    • The Missing Link (solutions to biomechanical problems you won’t find in textbooks)
    • Missing Links to the Shoulder
    • Missing Links to the Knee
    • Missing Links to the Spine
    • Functional Strength Training
    • Hard Core Training
    • Evaluating Movement in the Real World
    • Real World Counterstrain
    • Real World TKA/THA
    • The Real World Shoulder
    • The Real World Knee
    • The Real World Spine
    • The Real World Hand/Wrist
    • Real World Sports Medicine: Musculoskeletal US for the Modern Medical Practice

    • 15-Minutes to a Pain-Free Day
    • BackTalk (solutions for back pain)
    • Balance your way to health! (Fall Prevention)
    • Get Rid of the MIddle, Man! (a.k.a. Removing Corporate Waist)
    • Run Pain-Free
    • Walk Pain-Free
    • Pain-Free in the Real World
    • Optimal Golf
    • The Two Most Important Letters (The Why Behind the Walk)
    • Lessons from the Couch (Sit Down and Stop the Madness!)
    • Lessons from the Silence (My Journey with Austim)
    • Lessons from the Loveseat
    • The Gift of Being Yourself
    • Testimony (The Story of God and You)

    Note: Call 248-269-0230 for customized topics related to injury prevention and exercises.

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