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Anatomy seminars


Come take part in this interactive journey through the musculoskeletal system. Re-learn anatomy and kinesiology in a dynamic way as you explore the functional relationships between muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia.


Everyday Fitness with Sherry

Everyday Fitness with Sherry

Is pain keeping you sidelined?
Are you short on time?

Do you want to get moving but you don’t know how?

The Everyday Fitness DVDs offer easy solutions to common pain problems, combat exercise dilemmas for busy people and get you ready to move in the real world.

Each segment is only 3-4 minutes long, but the effects can last a lifetime.

Everyday Fitness...because nobody has to be in pain.


Everyday Fitness: Movement Training Program (Zonya Foco and Sherry)

Everyday Fitness Movement Training Program with Sherry and Zonya

Retrain Your Muscles for a Pain-Free, Active Lifestyle!

The Everyday Fitness: Movement Training Program DVD features Zonya Foco and Sherry McLaughlin and demonstrates the innovative program that works your core, legs and arms the way your body was designed!

The Beginner Workout helps restore hip and ankle mobility, strengthens your legs and core and improves shoulder flexibility. If you have headaches and pains that keep you from taking part in an active lifestyle, this is the program for you.

The Advanced Workout further strengthens your core and legs as well as incorporates higher intensity arm work. Once you’ve mastered the movements of the Beginner Workout, these exercises will take your fitness to the next level.

Follow Everyday Fitness with Zonya and Sherry to begin your pain-free, active life today! Order yours today for only $15!

Did you Know?

We offer smaller versions of The Missing Link, MIHP's most popular seminar, that make it easy and affordable for you to take your skills to the next level.  Learn more about The Missing Link Miniseries - one day interactive seminars focusing on anatomical and biomechanical relationships pertaining to the body's most injured areas, including the Shoulder, Spine and Knee.

Bring the Missing Links to your Location

One Seminar  $2,625.00
Two Seminars $5,150.00
(up to 15 participants.  $50 each additional)
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