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Everyday Fitness with Sherry

Everyday Fitness with Sherry

Is pain keeping you sidelined?
Are you short on time?

Do you want to get moving but you don’t know how?

The Everyday Fitness DVDs offer easy solutions to common pain problems, combat exercise dilemmas for busy people and get you ready to move in the real world.

Each segment is only 3-4 minutes long, but the effects can last a lifetime.

Everyday Fitness...because nobody has to be in pain.

Disc 1
1 - 6x6 Warm-Up
2 - Mirror Test
3 - Hard Core Training
4 - Have a Ball!
5 - Healthy Shoulders
6 - Real World Flexibility
7 - No Time. No Problem.
8 - Walk Pain-Free
9 - Pattern Runs
10 - Gluteus Max
11 - Fall Prevention
Disc 2
1 - Optimal Golf
2 - Back Talk
3 - Do You Know Squat?
4 - Get Rid of Headaches
5 - Buttology 101
6 - Fast Foot Fix
7 - Real World Warm Up
8 - Healthy Shoulders 2
9 - Foot Flexibility
10 - Pain-Free @ the PC
11 - Real World Abs
Everyday Fitness with Sherry McLaughlin, as featured on the PBS Zonya's Health Bites. Pre-order your 2-disc DVD today!

Did you Know?

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